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Second only to oxygen, water is the single most important element necessary for human survival. In her Journal of American Dietetic Association article, Dr. Susan Kleiner calls water "an essential but overlooked nutrient." That's why at FLOW we focus on bringing a mineral water that is fresh and natural for everyone, everywhere, everytime.

We do water right.


PT. Sumber Bening Lestari, though brief on history, is long on commitment to bring to you the finest natural water in convenient packaging sizes. Our production facility is equipped with high standards of infrastructure at every critical point. We adopt a multiple-barriers approach from end to end, to bring you a healthy and quality product.



why flow?

Natural Source

1 Natural Source

Imagine lush green mountain slopes, tall woods, streams of water, and birds chirping. What a pleasant sight! Well, we're not exactly that, but close. Tucked somewhere in the Mt.Arjuno of Java, it's hard to get more natural than this. And we bottle it, for you. FLOW is nature in a bottle!

Natural Mineral

2 Natural Mineral

FLOW is mineral water. Every drop contains fresh, natural, unaltered, unengineered, minerals. Yes, minerals! Why tamper with nature? This is how water is intended to be all along. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Natural Process

3 Natural Process

Nope, there is absolutely no plastic surgery in the processes involved. Our natural disinfection process leaves no residue in the water so you can always enjoy the best of nature.

why mineral water

minerals, our forgotten friend

For centuries we know only "mineral" water. But now some believe that water needs to be further "purified" from natural minerals. They say that we get enough minerals from our food and so the minerals in our water are basically useless. Therefore, they say it is better to drink distilled or demineralized or low-mineral waters.


An extensive 2005 WHO studies titled "Nutrients in Drinking Water" confirms that minerals in water are highly needed and therefore mineral water is better for our health. Although minerals in water are low in quantity but they do have a protective role because they are present as free ions and therefore are more readily absorbed in our body.

what is a healthy water intake

how much is enough?

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...and so!"

Sometimes this water issue is not unlike this latin sentence which nobody understands. But living healthy should not be complicated or mysterious. Heck, life is difficult enough, so FLOW is here to refresh and help you live a full and healthy life.

A typical male adult on a light day normally needs about 2.5 - 3 liters on daily basis, and around 2 liters for female adults. FLOW has developed a system to help you estimate your personal requirement (see above).

It is also important to note that your water intake can come from many beverages. Yes, no kidding, do enjoy a variety of beverages, guilt free. But be warned: some guidelines do apply. Not all beverages are equal.

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